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Moss.Chat Telegram Chatbot – Build Your Own Customer Support System

Build Your Own Customer Support System with Moss.Chat Telegram Chatbot

Are you tired of handling customer support requests manually on Telegram? Do you want to create a fully functional and easy-to-use support system for your customers? Look no further than Moss.Chat! With Moss.Chat, you can create your own Telegram chatbot in just one minute and turn it into a powerful customer support system.

Who Can Benefit from Moss.Chat?

Moss.Chat is an ideal solution for anyone who wants to streamline their customer support process on Telegram. Here are a few examples of who can benefit from using Moss.Chat:

  • Businesses that sell products or services on Telegram and need to communicate with their customers.

  • Startups, organizations, or projects with a team that wants to communicate with their target audience on Telegram using a fully-featured and easy-to-use customer support system.

  • Telegram communities (groups/channels) that need a support system to handle customer inquiries.

  • Groups that use the anonymous admins feature and want to communicate with their members.

  • Businesses that have multiple bots with a great username and want to make it easy for people to reach them.

  • Anyone who wants to communicate with others on Telegram but doesn’t feel comfortable sharing their username/link on the internet.

  • Anyone who needs an innovative support system that separates different projects or businesses but allows them to access all of them from one place.

Features of Moss.Chat

Moss.Chat provides an elegant web UI for managing chats with customers on any device. It also allows you to answer messages on official Telegram clients. With just one chatbot, you can have everything you need!

Here are some other features of Moss.Chat:

  • Custom welcome messages with custom variables.

  • Delivery reports that allow you to track the status of your messages.

  • Mobile-friendly design that works seamlessly on all devices.

  • Fullscreen mode for optimal chat experience.

  • Chat sounds that notify you of new messages.

  • Instantly visible simultaneous messages for all team members.

  • Know which agent sent the message.

  • Get the same message on both Telegram and the Moss.Chat web UI and reply anywhere.

  • Unsend a message feature.

  • Message templates (coming soon!).


Moss.Chat offers fair and partial pricing, you can start with a free 1 day trial and subscribe for Plus and Pro Plan for $4.99/- & $14.99/- respectively. You can create as many projects as you want, and each project will be isolated from the others. This means that every project represents a different chatbot, and you can manage all of your projects in one place with Moss.Chat.

Why Go It Alone?

With Moss.Chat, you don’t have to handle customer support requests on your own. You can invite your team members to help you answer messages on Moss.Chat or Telegram. They can log in to the project dashboard and be part of your business.

Final Thoughts

if you’re looking for an easy and efficient way to handle customer support on Telegram, Moss.Chat is the solution for you. Try it today and see how it can transform your customer support process!

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