Twitter will now speak on iOS and that too in your own voice

Leading social networking site Twitter has introduced a ‘voice tweet’ feature for its users, which is currently only available for iPhone users.

Android mobile users will not be able to use the ‘Voice Tweet’ feature at this time. Twitter did not specify if the feature would be available on Android devices in the future.

Twitter said in a blog post on Wednesday that the company is introducing a new feature for its users, which is “your tweet in your own voice.”

Twitter has also made an audio tweet from the official account which has the sounds of birds chirping.

The Twitter blog post says that for many years, Twitter users have been sharing their thoughts with people through photos, graphics, text messages and videos. But sometimes 280 characters in a text tweet is not enough to get your point across. Therefore, a new feature of voice tweet is being introduced.

The voice tweet feature will give users the freedom to tweet 140 seconds of audio, while video tweets on Twitter can be the same length.

The company also recently introduced the feature of long-distance video tweeting for business platforms.

What if a user wants to tweet an audio of more than two minutes and 20 seconds?

Twitter responded by saying that the user just kept recording audio by pressing a button. If there are more than 140 seconds of audio, it will automatically become the second tweet and connect to the first tweet.

That is, just as the ‘thread’ option is given in a text tweet, it will also be given in a voice tweet.

Voice tweets will also appear on people’s timelines. If someone clicks on it to listen, the recording will start playing in a new window. Users will also be able to hear it while viewing and scrolling through other posts on Twitter.

Twitter added that the feature is currently being rolled out to some devices with the iOS operating system for testing, but will be available to all iPhone users in the near future.

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