Pakistan’s Three Slaughterhouses approved for Meat Export to Jordan

Pakistan meat export to jordon

Abdul Razak Dawood, (Advisor to Prime Minister for commerce and investment) has notified via an official Twitter account on Thursday that Jordan has approved Pakistan’s three slaughterhouses for meat export including bovine, sheep, goat & Camel meat.

He further added that “I would like to urge our exporters to take advantage of the opportunities offered by this non-traditional market for the meat and to seek other sectors like potato, mango, kinnows, and onions to diversify exports from Pakistan”

Following are Pakistan’s three slaughterhouses that were approved for meat export.

  1. Tata Best Food Limited
  2. The Organic Meat Limited Company
  3. Tazij meat and food

The aforesaid notification was officially communicated by the Jordanian Ministry of Agriculture, Eng. Kahled Hnaifat to Pakistan’s Ministry of Commerce vide letter dated 25 Oct 2021.

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