9 Benefits of Being an Entrepreneur

9 benefits of being an entrepreneur

Did you ever think of being an Entrepreneur? who is considered as the driving force of every nation’s economy? and are often viewed as the building block? and a solution to stabilize the nation’s economy towards development?

9 benefits of being a business men

Entrepreneurs are often a unique group of people. They always think and act differently. They always think about new ideas to change societies. They always find a way to do work differently. They are risk-takers and bear more risk to enjoy most of the rewards. They are innovators in terms of sourcing new ideas, goods, or services, process flows because they are confident that their innovation can change the world.

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As I said above, they are the driving force towards the progression of economies, they are the spark that ignites the flames of economic development in a country and is often viewed as real contributors to economic development. Do you know? Pakistan is currently stood at 23rd largest in the world in terms of purchasing power parity, and 42nd largest in terms of nominal gross domestic product – source Wikipedia.

9 benefits of being an entrepreneur - job creation

Moreover, when fighting with unemployment, entrepreneurship is a solution, entrepreneurship opens new doors to a new venture and business alliances which causes the unemployment ratio to further decreased. Do you know? The current employment to population ratio of Pakistan is 57.4% and the unemployment ratio is 4.10 (FY 2019). Therefore, by employing more people in your organization you can create many jobs in Pakistan. Source: Trading Economics


“The true charity is not giving bread or money, but providing employment.”

by Ilkin Santak

9 benefits of being an entrepreneur pakistan

Let us explore the benefits of entrepreneurship which are incredibly rewarding. Read on following key benefits of being an Entrepreneur, which truly belongs to you!

Flexible work schedule – As an entrepreneur, you would have an opportunity to break out the 9 – 5 cycle to create your work schedule.

Greater Autonomy – You will have full autonomy since you would have complete control over work, more engaged, and less emotionally exhausted.

Your right career choice – You don’t have to find a perfect job, because you create it. It will allow you to align your life and career with your own goals and core values.

Constant Improvements – Starting a business means you constantly improve your skillset such as from sales and marketing to closing perfect deals to creating reports. Your constant development will encourage continuous growth.

Like-minded Community – by becoming an entrepreneur, you will join a group of like-minded, optimistic, persistent, and experienced people who are helpful and the firm believer in bettering themselves and the world. These connections will be successful drivers to become a better entrepreneur.

More Accountable – You would become more accountable to your work since owning a business means you are a boss and your responsible attitude at work would affect your personal life too.

You would become more empathetic – as long as carrying a title of boss you will be involved in your day to day tasks such as; interactions with employees, customers, and clients, etc. As an entrepreneur, you will put yourself in the shoes of an employee to figure out problems.

3D thinker – becoming an entrepreneur means that you are a three-dimensional thinker since your 24 hours job will keep you on your toes. You will always in a position to see problems from different perspectives.

Greater self-confidence – You would become more confident since every day you will be involved in complex decision makings and your one right decision will certainly increase your confidence tremendously. As time goes on you will see how truly you are capable of.

Why not take a step and start an entrepreneurial journey? I would like to conclude by writing a quote from Richard Branson;

A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts.

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